Regional Weather


What's the weather?

     Knowing the weather (temperature, rainfall, winds) in a region is one of the most fundamental necessities for environmental information. Long-term records provide insight in how the climate and landsurface have interacted for agriculture, flooding, droughts, and what future changes might be. The weather prediction for "today" is important in deciding about going to the beach, what the water supply is going to be, or if flooding is imminent. Detailed and complete records are required for the hydrology modeling.

     Local  meteorological stations, provide the most detailed information. Such data for the Espirito Santo region is summarized under the tab "Climate Observations." Ideally it would be possible to develop a detailed description of the patterns over time of the surface climate from such local meteorological records.  But records aren't sufficient for this. To provide a robust descriptor of past weather patterns, the process of recombining data from multiple sources can be used, as described under the tab "Climate Reanalysis."