Cloud Demo

Prototype demonstration of models in the Cloud

DHSVM, VIC and all related modeling data and results are currently hosted on Microsoft Windows Azure.

A demo version of land surface hydrology models can currently be accessed by bringing up a terminal on your own computer. For Windows machines, please download Putty or install Cygwin. For Mac, please use your built-in X-Terminal.

The following are instructions to access a demo version of VIC on Windows Azure:

> ssh -X -Y

(password is CapiXaba1*)

> tcsh
> cd /demo/ESantos/VIC/
> make clean
> make
> cd ../
> ./run_vic.scr (You can stop anytime after 10 gridcells by pressing Ctrl + C)
> cd results
> less fluxes_ data_-18.6562_-40.4062                 

Running VIC for 10 grid cells takes about 10 minutes or less. You should see fluxes and snow files in the "results" folder. You can see
what each column in the fluxes file is here:

To look at each column:

> awk '{print $4}' fluxes_34.625_66.875  (for example to get the values for Precipitation)

We then rout the fluxes - baseflow & runoff through the routing model. However, because routing will need all the grid cells, we are not
going to demo the routing. An example of results can be found here:

> cd /demo/ESantos/VIC/routing/output/run20

You should see daily and monthly routed streamflow for each station/gauge.