Landuse Change


Landuse & Water - How do landuse changes effect water movement?

     A major question for PCGAP is, “How do changes in landuse affect the movement of water across the landscape?” This question breaks down into the issues:

  • What are the impacts of changes in the practices of agricultural activities on local and regional water balances in the short, medium, and long terms? 
  • What is the effect of the increase in forest cover on the discharge (flow) of streams and rivers?
  • Could cultivation of eucalyptus and other monocultures on high land plantations impact the hydrologic flows and water quality in the coastal zone? In what form?
  • How would the augmentation of forest cover impact indices of biodiversity in the basins? What are the priority areas for upgrading to increase biodiversity?
  • On what spatial and temporal scales is it possible to produce: scenarios of planning, maps of adaptability, and zoning for agricultural activities? What are the benefits?

      In this section these issues are evaluated by using the DHSVM model to evaluate the potential hydrologic responses to different landuse scenarios in the Rio Jucu and Rio Santa Maria da Vitoria river basins.

Peer-reviewed publications resulting from this study:

Tan, A., Ward, N.D., Delmonte, K., Richey, J.E. (in review, 2015): Effects of land use change on the hydrologic regime in the Jucu and Santa Maria da Vitória river basins in Espírito Santo, Brazil. Forest ecology and management