River Gauges


Where is river discharge measured?

      ANA is the primary agency in Brazil responsible for monitoring water resources. ANA divides the river basins of Brazil into 18 divisions, for data reporting purposes. The rivers of Espírito Santo are in Basin 5, Atlántico Sudeste.

ANA Bacia 5

          ANA has 2 primary portals for serving data:

  1. HidroWeb provides access to maps, software, and especially time series records for individual stations (with an explicit protocol for how to get to a station), downloadable as Access or Text files. HidroWeb is a derivative of their original  “MSDHD” data system.
  2. SNIRH (Sistema Nacional de Informações sobre Recursos Hídricos,) is a more recent development of a web-interface system, with geospatial products of various types.

     The requirement is to identify the subset of these gauges that correspond to the “pourpoints” on the river networks we develop, From the ANA website, gauges in the target region can be identified (e.g., http://www.ana.gov.br/PortalSuporte/frmVisulizaEstacao.html?kml=http://www.ana.gov.br/PortalSuporte/temp/A85213833.kml), and coordinates obtained (below, for closer look). For broader use, the coordinates can be used to target the sites directly in Google Earth, along with dam sites (below).  The individual sites and record history can be identified, and cross-referenced.

ANA Stations mapped to basin mask 


    Analysis of the overall flow records showed that the following stations had the most complete data records, and would be suitable for the modeling calibrations/validation process.

 ANA Stations in study region with any time series – Espirito Santo (left), Jucu and Santa Maria da Vitoria (right)

     It is useful to know the basin characteristics and transition points for each river, both for river dynamics and where each gauging site sits in the basin. The Rio Santa Maria da Vitória leaves the highlands, entering to the northern side of Vitória, the Rio Jucu to the south.

Mouths of the  Jucu (left) and Santa Maria da Vitoria (right) in Vitoria

     Looking more closely at each river, all gauging sites for the SMV are above the flatland transition. The only gauge with a longterm rcord is located in Santa Leopoldina. This station is downstream of 2 dams. The dam UHE Suiça is approximately 5.5 km (linear, not thalweg) upstream. The Sucia site is also co-listed as an ANA Site, as Cachaoeira Suiça. The PCH Rio Bonio is another 7.5 km (linear) upstream of Suiça.

Upstream to down in the Rio  Santa Maria da Vitoria

     The Rio Jucu has 2 upstream stations, the Corrego de Gallo on the Rio Jucu Norte and the Marechal Floriano on the Rio Jucu Sul, a midway dam, the PCH Jucu (on the Jucu Sul), and l station, Fazenda Jucuruaba. From upstream to down, the individual sites look like this:

Upstream to downstream in the Rio Jucu