TSS Historical Records


What are the historical records of TSS?

     Historical records provide a key starting point for examining sediment dynamics. During the 2006-2012 time period monthly total suspended sediment concentrations varied from 10-180 mg L-1 at five stations along the Rio Santa Maria da Vitoria (IEMA records). Theses from the group of Dr. Daniel Rigo (UFES-Vitoria) also had data.

     Sediment concentrations were maximal at rising and peak high water and minimal at low water. It should be noted, however, that this type of sampling regime largely underestimates the total flux of sediments through the river. Even during high water, samples were typically not taken during periods of extreme rainfall due to logistical difficulties, meaning that peak concentrations were typically not observed in the monthly dataset.







Historic measurements of TSS concentrations. in the Rio Santa Maria da Vitoria from April 2007 to October 2012 ( Station coordinates, data courtesy of IEMA)